HMF_0357Most of Harald Mairböck’s artworks are based on experimenting with the original and direct relationship between light and surface. Sometimes it is not merely a surface but a body built in layers which reveals the relationship between material and light. He works with basic technological means; light, photographic paper and processing chemicals. Even when he builds a pinhole camera, he does it with the photographic paper as building material and its hole is not open to capture the image of objects outside but only pure light. The image after processing is highly dependent on chance and takes an abstract shape, some kind of a dark stain on a white background. Experimenting with basic material: building simple paper cameras, piling up photographic paper sheets and then cutting holes and incisions in it, exposing them to bare light, playing with fluids, all this acts as the artist’s contemplation on photography as medium and shows his interest in looking beyond conventional horizons.